Wonky soup

...hledáme způsoby, jak neplýtvat


On 5th September we offered two thousand delicious free meals prepared with fresh quality food that would otherwise have been wasted. This celebratory and festive event was open to all and brought attention to the scandal of food waste and proved that win-win solutions to the problem do exist.

pas fotek

Soups were be prepared from vegetables that would never make it to the customer’s fridge. All these vegetables would have been removed from distribution because they do not meet the cosmetic criteria imposed by retailers. For all these reasons, this ugly and discarded but good food would have been destroyed. We demonstrated that good food should not be wasted on this scale. With an army of volunteers, we went gleaning on farms, rescued the vegetables, cleaned it, cutted it and finally cooked it. This process took us three days.


Event partners include Feedback, EU Fusions, the UN representation in Prague, Glopolis, The Czech Federation of Food Banks, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Environment and Ekumenická Akademie Praha.

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