...hledáme způsoby, jak neplýtvat

Wasting food at home is mainly caused by the lack of planning and inappropriate way of storing. People tend to yield to favourable offers like “buy one, get one free”. They also buy food many days in advance without actually consuming it later. It is common to prepare more portions than needed which results in food ending up in the rubbish. However, this spare food can be used for preparing other meals. See our recipes for inspiration.

The consumers often make no distinctions between the terms “use by” and “best before”. “Use by” date stated on the packaging means that before this date, food is guaranteed to be harmless, and once this date passes by it should not be sold anymore. Whereas when the “best before” date passes, food is still harmless and edible, only its qutality may change (in case of some salamis even for the better).

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