Thousand Kilos

Tisic kilo

The Thousand Kilos event took place on October 18th, 2014 at the National Theatre piazetta. Its goal was to draw attention to unnecessary agricultural waste and to the possibility of donating agricultural surpluses to food banks. People could buy bags full of potatoes, carrots or cauliflowers for a symbolic price. The vegetables were donated by local farmers.

The vegetables were doomed to be wasted or composted for several reasons: apart from aesthetic requirements imposed on the products by the retail chains, the overproduction or unstable demand also played a part. Some potatoes were too small or too large, some carrots crooked or just uneven and some onions had their skin peeled off.

The visitors did not only do their shopping but also learned interesting facts about agricultural waste production. They were able to read farmers stories in a comic book and grasp the issue of food waste from the funny illustrations on the surrounding billboards.

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