Food donation

clovek v tisni

We try to discover unique solutions that can help to reduce the amount of wasted food production. That is why we joined the technological platform Uber in the beginning of 2015 and tried to explore an innovative form of food donation. On January 14th, 2015 every owner of a smartphone could use the Uber application to call for one of three special delivery vans which were gathering household and business food surpluses throughout the day. The surplus was then piled up on two stable collection points.

On this day, we managed to collect 600 kilograms of food worth about 250,000 CZK from individuals and businesses. The food was passed on to the Food Bank in Prague. The Food Bank is further divided into 10 organizations with a total of 200 clients. The biggest pleasure we had from the homemade jams and other unusual pieces that do not end up in the food bank every day.

Also, thanks to the generosity of our donors, the Pragulic project, which provides special Prague urban tours “through the eyes of the homeless people”, acquired thirteen new blankets.

How was the donation day progressing? (video created by the Uber folk)


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