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Thanks to us, over 1200 employees know how to combat food waste. Grab the opportunity to join them! We have a set of tools for you that will help you reduce food waste both at home and at work. Would you rather get actively involved in solving the food waste issue? Feel free to mix and match the activities we offer – we will also happily adapt the experience to your needs.
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What will you get as a company?

  • waste-conscious employees who know how to minimize food waste both at work and at home
  • an opportunity to strengthen the spirit of your team while solving an ever-present issue
  • a chance to help your team members save thousands on groceries each year
  • a full fridge instead of an overflowing trash bi
  • a feeling of fulfillment as you will contribute to solving a global cause

87 % of participants have changed their approach to food waste both at the workplace and in their households.

Our company packages, developed in cooperation with McCANN Prague, were awarded a prize at the IMC Czech Awards in 2018.

Whatever the size of your company, together we will tailor an activity that will suit you. Below is a taste of what we have to offer. For more information, please contact Michaela Číhalíková at


1. Let’s reduce food waste at your company through an awareness-raising campaign

  • 30-minute film screening followed by a discussion with an expert.
  • Awareness-raising campaign for your employees, witty posters and stickers included.
  • Smart solutions toolbox. No tedious, never-ending lectures – just fun, we promise.
  • Comprehensive newsletter with tips, tricks and recipes.
  • And even a contest to motivate your team.
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2. Let’s fight food waste right in the field! A different kind of “field” trip

  • A 5-hour morning/afternoon activity for up to 15 people, close to Prague.
  • Together we will harvest “wonky” produce that didn’t make it to the supermarket because of its supposedly ugly appearance.
  • We will deliver the produce to a food bank that will further distribute it to those who need it the most.
  • We will snap a few pictures and shoot a video for your social media accounts and/or your annual report.
What is it like to help in the field?

3. Don’t let that food go to waste! – company workshops

  • We will organize a 30-minute film screening followed by a discussion with an expert.
  • You will learn how to make carrot-top pesto, an all-time favourite recipe among participants.
  • You’ll get a nice set of photos from the workshop.
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