We do not underestimate the power of media, that is why we communicate with journalists and create informational campaigns on social media. These campaigns help us raise public awareness about food waste.
...hledáme způsoby, jak neplýtvat

Let's Talk About Food Waste

Through our communication channels (social media, website, and newsletters), we bring inspirational articles, interviews, and news about food waste and related topics.


Lick Your Plate

In autumn 2017, our Instagram was all about empty plates. Our Lick Your Plate competition aimed at the young generation between 13 and 18. To promote this, we cooperated with several YouTube and Instagram influencers. In the end, we took the winners out for dinner.


Save Food At Schools

80 pupils in total have participated in a food-waste-focused pilot education program. The classes were held in spring in four classes of the Primary School Kladska and Prof. Jan Patočka High School in Prague.


I Am Ready

Our campaign focuses on the issue of “imperfect“ fruits and vegetables and attempts to find possible solutions. We launched a video, a website (, and started an online petition. More than 10,000 people joined us, and we have got the support of several prominent personalities – writer Kateřina Tučková, chef Martin Škoda, the author of blog Do Thu Trang, a culinary specialist under the nickname Mr. Cuketka, the blogger and influencer Kitchenette, and others.