Zuzana Štěpničková

...hledáme způsoby, jak neplýtvat

I love good food. Good food makes me always happier. Along with getting to the heart of oriental wisdom I got close to cooking, to various kinds of cuisine, ingredients but most importantly to thinking about how food influences the health, in other words our physical and mental condition. I was living in California in turns for two years. Meanwhile when being in Czech Republic, I came across the magazine La Cucina Italiana, a space for satisfying my other need – writing. I discovered Zachraň jídlo during the happening Donate Food in January.  I wrote an article about it but the cooperation has gone much further since I am enjoying the positive energy of the people involved and whole purpose of their efforts. I hope that this cooperation will enrich us mutually. These days I focus on creating and realization of food-saving recipes.

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