A different kind of company “field” trip

This time, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and get to work in a farmer’s field. Gleaning, as we call collecting leftover crops, is an effective way to reduce food waste and has been widely used for centuries. Today it has been mostly forgotten, yet in the past, it was used to feed the poor and hungry, and we will pick up that tradition together.
...hledáme způsoby, jak neplýtvat

The activity is available from June to November. Harvested produce will be handed to a food bank that will distribute it to those in need.

How come there are some unharvested crops out there?

Mostly, produce is left unharvested because it’s considered ugly – too small, too big, too wonky, crooked or misshapen. The farmers are unable to sell such fruits and vegetables to the supermarkets and opt not to harvest them at all. We’ve already collected over 15 tons of produce since we started gleaning.

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