Wonky Soup

Curved carrots, small potatoes, yellow cauliflower. Are we able to recognize them in a soup from their perfectly flat, large and color-related compliants? We are going to cook the soup for 2000 people from approximately 250 kg “unwanted” ingredients!


Seniors in prague 7 started to get food for free

Our cooperation with the town hall of Prague 7 resulted in two restaurants donating food to seniors in need. Unfortunately, the restaurants cannot donate the leftovers because of hygienic restrictions, so they cooked for the elderly people normal lunches. More details in the article.

The gleaning project launched

There are turnip cabbages, salads, radishes and plenty of other vegetables lying on the fields and not being harvested. With our volunteers, we are picking them up using a van borrowed from the food bank. Thanks to the project Save and donate, that we informally call Gleaning, we are succeeding to meaningfully use food that would otherwise get plowed under.


We redesigned our webpage

This webpage was born. It meets our continuously growing requirements better. We are happy about it.


SAVE FOOD has an office

Since April 2015 Save Food has had its own official seat situated in the studio Alta opposite the Prague Exhibition Grounds.


Building up the farmers database

We started to build up a database with contact details on farmers who are willing to provide us with the surpluses from their fields and orchards.  There is going to be a new pilot project launched called “The Gleaning” during which we are going to visit farmers, pick up the crops and pass it onto the food banks.

We started to cooperate with the town hall of Prague 7

The town hall has approached us and explained that they were searching for superfluous lunches from restaurants to provide local seniors with food. Some of the people could actually not afford to buy them. We brought several volunteers together and started to make the rounds in the restaurants in Prague 7.


Food Donation

Along with the technological company Uber we organized a collection of excessive food after Christmas. Using the mobile app Uber we collected food stocks from the households and businesses in Prague and handed it over to the Food Bank of Prague.



Grant successes

We started to apply for the grants which would fund our activities in 2015. All our applications were successful and we managed to get the support. Thanks to that, our activities can be partially remunerated.


Thousand kilos

The happening Thousand Kilos drew attention to food waste in farming and to the possibility of donations to the food bank which distributes food to children’s homes and reception centres. Within two hours we sold two and half tonnes of unwanted vegetables for a nominal price.


Contacting the farmers

We initiated our first visits to farmers. We asked them for cooperation during the campaign Thousand Kilos and informed on the possibility of donating superfluous crops to the food bank.


We became a part of the SAVE FOOD, an international platform of the Food and Agriculture Organization.


Gratias Tibi

Save Food was among 9 shortlisted projects nominated for the Gratias Tibi-award for civic engagement. More than 140 projects entered for the competition.


Social Impact Award 2014

Among 10 other participants we were qualified for the finals of the Social Impact Award 2014. However, we were not awarded the prize in the end.



Save Food became a part of the European Program EU FUSIONS which is aiming for finding effective and innovative ways how to reduce food waste.

Zachraň jídlo, z.s.

The association Save Food was registered in the evidence of non-governmental organizations and took off for the exit session to central Bohemia in order to cook the shrivelled foodstuffs and set up the executive council.


The Prague soup

During the crowdfunding evening at the New Town Hall we managed to convince 160 audience members to vote for us. Thanks to that we gained 16 000 CZK.

Food saving recipes for idnes.cz

In association with the chef of bistro Rybárna we shot four videos with food saving recipes for the information portal idnes.cz. These videos had more than 60 000 views. The continuous cooperation with the media also informs Czech consumers of the ways of storing and treating their food.


Lecture on food waste in the czech republic

The food Tuesdays represent a meeting point of experts of various food industry fields, state administration, research institutes, academic sphere, hygienists and vets. With the think-tank Glopolis we discussed food wasting in the Czech Republic. Our goal was to get the experts interested in carrying out a research on wasting food in Czech households.


Working group “Food aid without VAT”

We became a part of the expert group Potraviny pomáhají bez DPH (Food Aid Without VAT) within the organization Business for Society. In the framework of this group the representatives of retail chains, NPOs, the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and other participants discussed how to change the existing obligation of 15% VAT imposed on the donated food.



National food collection

With 60 volunteers we joined the first National food collection organized by the platform Business for Society and the Czech Federation of the Food Banks. The charities got approximately 66 tonnes of food during one day.


Lectures on wasting in schools and festivals

We managed to organize lectures for secondary school students and for the visitors of the festival Alimenterre. We had a presentation in the Prague Mashup and the Retail Summit where we also established important contacts.


Feeding the 1000

We had no idea what was awaiting us and eventually it was beyond our expectations. We managed to feed thousand people and provided information to many others.